»Ich wollte eigentlich nie Politiker werden. Aber unabhängig davon finde ich, dass ein gesellschaftliches Engagement dazugehört.«

my path into politics

my wife Martina in the  year 2012

Born in Bonn on 21 January 1954, married, three children

1972 Higher education entrance qualification (Abitur); compulsory military service
1974 - 1979 Studied law and history in Münster and Freiburg; first state examination in law
1982 Second state examination in law
1983 Worked for the governing mayors of Berlin, Richard von Weizsäcker and Eberhard Diepgen
1986 Doctorate in law from the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
1985 - 1989 Head, Policy Division, Senate Chancellery of the city-state of Berlin; press spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives
1990 Helped establish the office of minister president of the last government of the German Democratic Republic; member of the delegation which negotiated the Unification Treaty
1990 - 1994 State Secretary, Ministry of Culture, state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
1994 - 1998 Head, State Chancellery, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
1999 Adviser and (from October 1999) Minister of State and head, State Chancellery, Free State of Saxony
2001 - 2002 Minister of Finance, Free State of Saxony
2002 - 2004 Minister of Justice, Free State of Saxony
2004 - 2005 Minister of the Interior, Free State of Saxony
2004-November 2005 Member, Parliament of the Free State of Saxony
November 2005 -
October 2009
Head, Federal Chancellery and Federal Minister for Special Tasks
October 2009 -
March 2011
Federal Minister of the Interior
Since October 2009 Member, German Bundestag
March 2011 -
December 2013
Federal Minister of Defence
Since December 2013 Federal Minister of the Interior